Disease Activity and Progression Matter


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Ongoing signs and symptoms of disease activity – such as new MRI lesions or relapses – provide your doctor with vital clues about the state of your MS. The following resources explain MS disease activity and progression, and the importance of keeping track of your relapses and other symptoms.

Disease Activity MattersDisease Activity Matters Booklet

This booklet explains what MS relapses, worsening symptoms and MRI scans can tell you about your MS.

Nurse advisorsBonnie Blain, Red Deer, Alberta; Judith Brouillette, Montréal, Québec; Nathalie Caron, Saint-Jérôme, Québec; Kathleen Carr, Toronto, Ontario; Peggy Cook, Saint John, New Brunswick; Colleen Harris, Calgary, Alberta; Lynn McEwan, London, Ontario; and Jill Nelson, Burnaby, British Columbia

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Take your MS questionnaireYour MS Questionnaire

Developed in collaboration with Canadian and international MS experts, this tool will help your doctor track your symptoms over time.

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Take your MS questionnaire