December 14, 2023 | News | Living with MS

MS centre launches new website

The BARLO MS Centre at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, has launched a new website for people living with MS. BARLO is the largest MS clinic in Canada. Its 16 specialist physicians and seven MS nurses manage over 10,000 people with MS. The centre also conducts MS research and provides specialist training for neurologists and nurses with an interest in MS.

“The website ( – and the BARLO centre itself – is due to the generosity of people affected by MS,” says Aprile Royal, Manager of the MS Education Program. “And our donors continue to support the BARLO’s important activities in MS research and education.”

The website provides basic information about MS, such as how it is diagnosed, the disease process and how to recognize relapses. A Living with MS section explains how to manage symptoms, the treatments used (via a link to MS Canada), and lifestyle factors (e.g. diet, exercise, cannabis, vitamin D). A Women’s Health answers some common questions about pregnancy and breastfeeding.

“Knowledge is power,” says Ms. Royal. “If you provide people with good information, you empower them to make better decisions.”

The site provides links to useful resources, such as MS Canada, the Mayo clinic, drug company websites, educational videos on YouTube – and to MSology! There is also a link to Ardra Shephard’s popular podcast called Tripping On Air.

The BARLO Centre will be providing updates to the website content as new research becomes available. Also planned are a ‘hot topics’ section, presentations by MS experts, and webinars for people with MS and their families.

Click here to access the website:

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