August 27, 2015 | Resources | Living with MS

More Questions about Living with MS

People have countless questions during the course of MS. So MS Radio convened a second panel of Canadian MS nurses to discuss some of the common questions people have when they’ve been living with MS for a few years.

Part 1: The nurses talk about the importance of staying on a medication, how to figure out if treatment is doing any good, and what to do to relieve MS fatigue.

Part 2: The nurses talk about medication side effects and coping with MS in your daily life.

Nursing panel participants
Sheryl Clarke, MS clinic, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto
Bonnie Blain, MS clinic, Red Deer, Alberta
Colleen Harris, University of Calgary MS clinic, Calgary, Alberta
Loressa Klassen, MS clinic, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lynn McEwan, London Ontario Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario

Moderated by Steven Manners, editor of MSology

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